IPv6-only Network at RIPE 72

A NAT64 network is available at RIPE 72 on a best-effort basis.

Network: ripemtg-nat64
Password: @ripemeeting


The RIPE NCC staff cannot offer any assistance on software or services issues related to the use of the NAT64 network.

If you encounter problems, please switch back to the regular RIPE Meeting network and check to see if the problem is resolved. If the problem is related to the NAT64 network, contact the IPv6 Working Group with a detailed description of the problem.

If you have problems connecting to IPv4-based services, please make sure you are using the DNS resolvers that are automatically configured by the network.

Some older operating systems do not support automatic configuration of DNS servers using IPv6 protocols, if this is the case then the network will appear to be broken.


The NAT64 (“IPv6-only”) network was set up a few years ago as an “experiment” to give attendees an opportunity to experience an IPv6-only network functionality as an end user first-hand.

It is no longer an “experiment” but remains supported on a “best effort” basis.

The main RIPE Meeting network offers IPv6 connectivity as well but is configured to operate in a traditional dual-stack configuration.

The NAT64 RIPE Meeting network, any connectivity to IPv4 services is handled by a NAT64 gateway that translates between the two protocols.