Database Working Group

Thursday, 26 May 14:00 - 15:30

A. Administrative Matters [~10 min]
  • Welcome
  • Select scribe (thanks to Nigel for volunteering again!)
  • Finalise agenda
  • Approval of minutes from previous WG meeting(s)
  • Review of action list (Nigel Titley)
B. RIPE Database Development Process: Numbered Work Items [~5 min]
Job Snijders
C. Follow-up From GAC Public Safety Working Group in ICANN [~10 min]
Hans Petter Holen
D. RIPE Database Operational Update

New and Revised RIPE Database Software Functionality (proposed, test, deployment)

Recent Database Issues [~15 min]
Tim Bruijnzeels, RIPE NCC
  • Setting abuse-c for remaining organisations with resources allocated or assigned by the RIPE NCC
  • Cleaning up Organisation Names in "descr:", ripe objects as single text field
  • Restrict usage of RIPE-NCC-RPSL-MNT
  • Increase daily database dump frequency
  • Clean-up of "abuse-mailbox:" in certain organisation objects, following acceptance of RIPE policy proposal 2011-06
  • Locking unmaintained person and role objects in the RIPE Database
  • Other aspects
E. AFRINIC IRR Homing Project Update [~5 min]
Tim Bruijnzeels, RIPE NCC
F. Recent Work on the UI Improvements + Phasing Out the LIR Portal Object Editors [~20 min]
Alex Band, RIPE NCC
G. Follow-up From AA-WG: 2016-01 [~5 min]
Piotr Strzy┼╝ewski
H. NWI-1: Staying On Top of Abuse Contact Changes [~5 min]
Piotr Strzy┼╝ewski
I. ROUTE Objects for Non-RIPE Resources [~15 min]
Job Snijders
Y. Input From Other Working Groups and/or Task Forces