Friday, 27 May

Total number of attendees checked in: 676

The final day of RIPE 72 started slowly but happily after the previous night’s party and entertainment, which was generally agreed to be one of the best in recent memory.


The final day of RIPE 72 kicked off with a mixture of the old and new that included the usual NRO reports and an IANA update, along with a special session on bridging the RIPE Community moderated by Jane Coffin of ISOC and including representatives from the MENOG, ENOG and SEE communities. They discussed the unique challenges to each region, operators’ perspectives and the relationship of the different communities with that of RIPE.

Closing Plenary

Geoff Huston gave a self-described “geeky” presentation about the state of IPv4 and IPv6 that included Jackson Pollack-esque visualisations of the IPv4 address space and looked at the effect of NATs on end-to-end connectivity.

Three lightning talks included:

  • An introduction of the RIPE Forum, a new, web-based interface for participating on the RIPE Mailing Lists for users who prefer to interact
    that way, but which doesn’t change anything for those happy using email clients, which received good feedback from the audience
  • A presentation by Daniel Karrenberg of the RIPE NCC on using past RIPE Atlas traceroute measurements in new ways, apart from their original intent
  • An explanation by Jen Linkova of Google of how using Google Public DNS64 can help with IPv6 deployment

Sjoerd Oostdijck of the RIPE NCC gave the technical report for the meeting, which included an explanation of several technical issues (including the fact that Google thought attendees were still in Romania) but which received positive feedback.

RIPE Chair Hans Petter Holen gave the final presentation and an overview of meeting stats, news and announcements. With a final number of 676
checked-in attendees, RIPE 72 fell two attendees short of being the largest RIPE Meeting to date (after RIPE 69 in London). This included
25% newcomers and attendees from 47 countries.

He reviewed a statement from the BCOP Task Force about IPv4 depletion that received some audience feedback and explained that work has begun
on defining a RIPE Chair replacement procedure.

Working Group Chair Changes:

Thank you to Rob Evans, who stepped down as Routing Working Group Co-Chair and welcome to Paolo Moroni who replaces him.

Programme Committee Changes:

Thank you to outgoing PC members Jan Žorž and Filiz Yilmaz and welcome to incoming members Peter Hessler, Ondřej Surý and Alexander Semenyaka.

There was also a proposal from the PC about appointing a SEE Programme Committee member to the RIPE Programme Committee, which was accepted.

The RIPE NCC Survey 2016 also launched during the closing plenary and will run until 30 June.

Hans Petter closed the meeting by thanking all those involved and inviting everyone to RIPE 73, which takes place in Madrid from 24-28 October 2016.