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Presenter NameSessionPresentation Title
Jen LinkovaClosing PlenaryIPv6-Only Has Never Been So Easy2016-05-27
Hans Petter HolenClosing PlenaryClosing Remarks2016-05-27
Daniel KarrenbergClosing PlenaryThere is Gold in this Stream2016-05-27
Sjoerd OostdijckClosing PlenaryRIPE NCC Technical Report2016-05-27
Marco Schmidt and Mihnea-Costin GrigoreClosing PlenaryIntroducing the RIPE Forum2016-05-27
Jane CoffinNRO / Regional Focus SessionBridging the RIPE Community2016-05-27
Luuk HendriksIPv6Going IPv6-only at Home2016-05-26
Guillermo CicileoIPv6IPv6 Deployment in Latin America and the Caribbean Region2016-05-26
Victoria RiskDNSBIND 9.11 Release Update2016-05-26
Victoria RiskDNSBIND 9.11 Release Update2016-05-26
Jen LinkovaIPv6Administrative Matters2016-05-26
Job SnijdersDatabaseNWI-5: ROUTE Objects for Non-RIPE Resources2016-05-26
Alex BandDatabaseRecent Work on the UI Improvements + Phasing Out the LIR Portal Object Editors2016-05-26
Job SnijdersDatabaseRIPE Database Development Process: Numbered Work Items2016-05-26
Nikolas PediaditisNRO / Regional Focus SessionNRO Statistics Report2016-05-26
Christoph DietzelAnti-AbuseBlackholing at IXPs: On the Effectiveness of DDoS Mitigation in the Wild - Chris Dietzel2016-05-26
Duane WesselsDNSRoot Zone ZSK Size Increase2016-05-26
Lu HengAnti-AbuseDiscussion on Invisible IP Hijacking - Lu Heng - Outside Heaven2016-05-26
Shane KerrDNSReboot the DNS2016-05-26
Tim BruijnzeelsDatabaseAFRINIC IRR Homing Project Update2016-05-26
Tim BruijnzeelsDatabaseNew and Revised RIPE Database Software Functionality (proposed, test, deployment)2016-05-26
Richard LeaningAnti-AbuseUpdate on RIPE NCC LEA Interactions - Richard Leaning2016-05-26
Hans Petter HolenDatabaseFollow-up From GAC Public Safety Working Group in ICANN2016-05-26
Holger LevsenCooperationReproducible Builds for Debian, and a Hope for a More Secure Future2016-05-26
Ignas BagdonasRouting64-bit Extended BGP Communities2016-05-26
Ignas BagdonasRouting64-bit Extended BGP Communities2016-05-26
Chris BuckridgeCooperationWho Represents the Technical Community?2016-05-26
Alex BandRoutingRPKI Validator2016-05-25
Jen LinkovaIPv6IPv6-only and DNS[SEC|64]2016-05-25
Job SnijdersRoutingBogon ASNs Must Die2016-05-25
Jeff OsbornOpen SourceChanging the Open Source License on BIND2016-05-25
Arnold NipperConnectEuro-IX Update2016-05-25
Piotr StrzyzewskiDatabaseNWI-1: Staying On Top of Abuse Contact Changes2016-05-25
Jesper LundCooperationInternet Regulation: A Danish Perspective2016-05-25
Piotr StrzyzewskiDatabaseFollow-up From AA-WG: 2016-012016-05-25
Piotr StrzyzewskiAnti-Abuse2016-012016-05-25
João Luis Silva DamasRoutingWelcome2016-05-25
Stavros KonstantarasRoutingENGRIT: Extensible Next Generation Routing Information Toolset2016-05-25
Sara DickinsonOpen SourceARPA2 Project2016-05-25
Jared MauchRoutingMaking Routing Registries Great Again2016-05-25
Deri Luca, Simone MainardiOpen SourceHigh-Speed Network Traffic Monitoring and Troubleshooting Using ntopng2016-05-25
Axel PawlikNRO / Regional Focus SessionNRO EC Update2016-05-25
Martin WinterOpen SourceIdeas and Challenges on Testing a Routing Protocol - Experiences Testing Quagga2016-05-25
Martin WinterOpen SourceAdministrative Matters2016-05-25
Roger JørgensenIPv6How to Make Trouble for Yourself - You Build an IPv6-Only Network in 20162016-05-25
Bedřich KošataOpen SourceHoneypot as a Service2016-05-25
Alexander IsavninRIPE NCC ServicesOutreach/Communication performance for Membership and Community2016-05-25
Axel PawlikRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC Update2016-05-25
Greg MounierAnti-AbuseIP announcement2016-05-25
Serge RadovcicRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC Survey 20162016-05-25
Kurt Erik LindqvistRIPE NCC ServicesAdministrative Matters2016-05-25
Brian NisbetAnti-AbuseAA-WG RIPE72 Agenda2016-05-25
Vesna ManojlovicMATRIPE Atlas News2016-05-25
Vesna ManojlovicMATRIPE Atlas News2016-05-25
John Jason BrzozowskiIPv6Community WiFi and IPv62016-05-25
Martin LevyConnectRoute Servers – What’s the percentage?2016-05-25
Enno ReyIPv6Real Life Use Cases and Challenges When Implementing Link-local Addressing Only Networks as of RFC 74042016-05-25
Anand BuddhdevDNSRIPE NCC Report2016-05-25
Ralph DolmansDNSQNAME Minimization in Unbound2016-05-25
Sara DickinsonDNSDNS Privacy Public Resolver Proposal2016-05-25
Nina BargisenMATIntroduction: Welcome, Scribe, Jabber, Agenda2016-05-25
Christian UrricarietConnectLatest Trends in Data Center Optics2016-05-25
Vaibhav BajpaiMATVantage Point Selection for IPv6 Measurements: Benefits and Limitations of RIPE Atlas Tags2016-05-25
Maximilian WilhelmAddress PolicyOpen Policy Hour - Defining IPv6 PI sub-allocations2016-05-25
Jen LinkovaIPv6Administrative Matters2016-05-25
Andrea CimaAddress PolicyFeedback From RIPE NCC Registration Services2016-05-25
Remco van MookConnectWelcome!2016-05-25
Barry O'DonovanConnectDetecting Asymmetric Routing Over IXPs2016-05-25
Paul RendekRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC Report on Outreach2016-05-25
Naela SarrasNRO / Regional Focus SessionIANA Update2016-05-25
Jari ArkkoRIPE NCC ServicesLong-Term IETF Support2016-05-25
Riccardo GoriAddress Policy2015-05 Revision of Last /8 Allocation Criteria2016-05-25
Moritz MüllerMATMeasuring DNSSEC Configuration of Upstream Resolvers with RIPE Atlas2016-05-25
Alain DurandAddress PolicyMarket Concentration in the Transfer of IPv4 Space2016-05-25
Remco van MookAddress Policy2016-03 Locking Down the Final /8 Policy2016-05-24
Arnaud FeniouxConnectRoute Servers - Features and Security2016-05-24
Marco SchmidtAddress PolicyCurrent Policy Topics2016-05-24
Daniel KoppConnectRPKI - Origin Validation at IXPs2016-05-24
Erik BaisRIPE NCC Services2016-02, “Resource Authentication Key (RAK) Code for Third Party Authentication2016-05-24
Brenden KuerbisRACIInternet Routing Registries, Data Governance and Security2016-05-24
Brian TrammellMATInternet Path Transparency Measurements using RIPE Atlas2016-05-24
Gert DoeringAddress PolicyWG session steering slids2016-05-24
Erik BaisAddress Policy2015-04 RIPE Resource Transfer Policies2016-05-24
Mirja KühlewindRACIWhat if We Designed Measurement as a First-order Service?2016-05-24
Greg HankinsConnectPeering DB 2.02016-05-24
Andres Arcia MoretPlenaryAlternative Network Deployments2016-05-24
Shane KerrMATRIPE Atlas Hackathon Winner: Halo2016-05-24
Philippe DukePlenaryEffect of Nationwide Censorship on Transit Traffic2016-05-24
Dave KnightPlenaryA New Anycast DNS Measurement2016-05-24
Enno ReyPlenaryMLD Considered Harmful2016-05-24
Nurani Nimpuno & Athina FragkouliPlenaryIANA Stewardship Update2016-05-24
Randy BushPlenaryMeasuring the Measurers: How is RIPE Atlas Used?2016-05-24
Ronan MullallyPlenaryPreparing for a DDoS Attack2016-05-24
anna maria mandalariPlenaryInforming Protocol Design Through Crowdsourcing2016-05-24
Geoff HustonIPv6Large Packets in IPv62016-05-24
Vaibhav BajpaiPlenaryMeasuring Webpage Similarity from Dual-Stacked Hosts2016-05-24
Randy BushPlenaryA Happy Story of Inter-RIR Transfer of Legacy Blocks from ARIN to RIPE2016-05-24
John Jason BrzozowskiPlenaryIPv6 @Comcast – Then, Now and Tomorrow2016-05-24
Mircea UlinicPlenaryNetwork Automation with Salt and NAPALM2016-05-23
Hossein LotfiPlenaryData Driven Ops at Scale: Sensors, Telemetry and Analytics in Large Data Centre Networks2016-05-23
Benno OvereinderBCOP Task ForceAdministrative Matters and Agenda Bashing2016-05-23
George NomikosRACItraIXroute: Detecting IXPs in Traceroute Paths2016-05-23
Jan ZorzBCOP Task ForceReport on What's Going On in LAC and Africa Region re BCOP2016-05-23
Markus de BrünBCOP Task ForceBCOP starting points2016-05-23
Patrik FälströmPlenaryWPAD Name Collision Vulnerability2016-05-23
Ferenc CsorbaTutorialsRIPE Database Tips and Tricks2016-05-23
Lu HengPlenaryInvisibly Hijacking2016-05-23
Shane KerrPlenaryIoT: What is the Problem? or “How To Explain To Your Boss That IoT Won't Make the Company Rich....”2016-05-23
Sofía Silva BerenguerRACIRadiography of AS Interconnection2016-05-23
Will van GulikBCOP Task ForceMANRS BCOP Update2016-05-23
Hans Petter HolenOpening PlenaryWelcome to RIPE 722016-05-23
Lousewies VanderlaanOpening PlenaryHello... from the ICANN Board2016-05-23
Shane KerrOpening PlenaryRefugee Hotspot2016-05-23
Phil RobertsPlenaryCryptech Update2016-05-23
Henrik Lund KramshøjTutorialsSimulated DDoS Attacks, Breaking the Firewall Infrastructure2016-05-23
Benjamin BlangstrupOpening PlenaryDKNOG - Welcome to RIPE 722016-05-23
Axel PawlikNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE Meeting 101 - Part II2016-05-23
Hans Petter HolenNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE Meeting 101 - Part I2016-05-23
Casey DeccioTutorialsHands-on DNSSEC with DNSViz2016-05-23
Geoff HustonPlenaryZombies2016-05-23
Erik BaisPlenaryThe Naughty Port Project2016-05-22
Andrew OwensOpening PlenaryState of African Peering2016-05-22
Jan ScholteCooperationProcess and Power in Internet Governance: Reflections on the IANA Stewardship Transition2016-05-22
Jason LivingoodPlenaryContemplating "Speed Test 2.0"2016-05-21
Nigel TitleyDatabaseAdministrative Matters2016-05-21
Paul EbersmanPlenaryWhat's So Hard About DNSSEC?2016-05-21
Wolfgang ZenkerIPv6IPv6 Availability of Open Source Code Repositories2016-05-20
Lasse JarlskovOpening PlenaryInterconnection in the Nordics2016-05-19
Duane WesselsDNSRoot Zone ZSK Size Increase2016-05-19
Geoff HustonClosing PlenaryDesperately Seeking Default2016-05-17