Routing Working Group

Thursday, 26 May 09:00 - 10:30

A. Welcome [5 min]
  • Thanks to the scribe, jabber scribe and stenographer
  • Minutes from RIPE 71
B. Appointment of new co-chair [5 min]
C. 64-bit Extended BGP Communities [20 min]
Ignas Bagdonas
D. ENGRIT: Extensible Next Generation Routing Information Toolset [20 min]
Stavros Konstantaras, NLnet Labs
E. RPKI Validator [20 min]
Alex Band, RIPE NCC
F. Making Routing Registries Great Again [20 min]
Jared Mauch, NTT
G. Bogon ASN Filtering [00 min]
Job Snijders, NTT
Z. AOB Coffee