BoF (Birds of a Feather)

Tuesday, 24 May 18:00 - 19:00

RACI aims to increase ties between the RIPE community and the academic/research sector. The RIPE NCC selected six academics to attend the RIPE 72 Meeting and present their Internet-related research to, and receive feedback from, the community. At this session, those academics who have not presented in the main RIPE Meeting program will present and discuss their research.

Where: Main Room
  • Internet Routing Registries, Data Governance and Security
    Brenden Kuerbis, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
  • traIXroute: Detecting IXPs in Traceroute Paths
    Georgios Nomikos, Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH), Greece
  • What if We Designed Measurement as a First-order Service?
    Mirja Kühlewind, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Radiography of AS Interconnection
    Sofía Silva Berenguer, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

Tuesday, 24 May 18:00 - 19:00

Assessing Middlebox Behaviour
Paul Hoffman

ICANN is now running a small-but-growing middlebox test lab. Our goal is to get a better handle on which middleboxes negatively affect normal and expected future DNS work. We also intend to reach out to vendors to suggest changes to their software and default configurations that might make their systems handle DNS traffic better in the future. We are also beginning to start doing some non-DNS measurements, such as if middleboxes will pass or block non-standard transport protocols.

We hear about researchers, particularly in Europe, who have set up such labs in the past or are starting to do so now. Some of the earlier labs focused just on customer premise equipment (CPE), others just on corporate firewalls. It seems that those two markets have merged in functionality.

This BoF aims to start informal coordination the work of researchers in this area. Researchers can discuss what they are doing, their intended research goals, what systems they are looking at, what they want to see other researchers working on, their lab setups, and so on.

Where: Side Room

Thursday, 26 May 18:00 - 19:00

Movie Screening and Beer BOF: "Net of Rights"
Corinne Cath

Net of Rights is a short documentary film that explores the relation between Internet protocols and the promotion and protection of Human Rights. Internet Engineers have defined the Internet as a network of networks, providing connectivity for all users, at all times, for any content. Internet connectivity increases the capacity for individuals to exercise their rights. The core of the Internet, its architectural design, is therefore closely intertwined with the human rights framework. However, the assertion that technology and the design of standards and protocols is an ethically neutral task is still commonplace.

Without taking human rights into account while developing protocols, the human rights-enabling characteristics of the Internet are at risk. While the Internet was designed with freedom and openness of communication as core values, the growth in scale and commercialisation of the Internet have caused a shift in those values. The influence of such worldviews started to compete with other values. The rights-enabling characteristics of the Internet will be endangered if they are not properly defined, described and protected. The reverse is also true: if we don’t protect human rights online, we risk loss of functionality and connectivity of the Internet itself.

It is becoming more apparent that promoting an open, secure, unfiltered and reliable Internet is essential for the rights to privacy, expression and assembly. But how can these concepts be addressed on the protocol level? And what would that look like to the RIPE community?

Where: Tutorial Room