Candidate Biographies (in alphabetical order)

Peter Hessler



Help Desk to Sysadmin to Netadmin. US to Germany. User to Developer. OpenBSD committer since 2008.

Statement of Interest:

Peter has an interest in smaller networks. Networks that don’t have global scale, that are solving problems for companies that are not always on the lips of everyone.

Peter is also very active in the Open Source community, as a committer to the OpenBSD and OpenBGPD projects, and in furthering the possible options to run an all-free-software network.

He will advocate for these points of view on the programme committee.


Ondřej Surý

Technical Fellow, CZ.NIC
Ondrej Sury


Ondřej Surý works in the CZ.NIC Association as a Technical Fellow and focuses primarily on DNS and DNS related projects like Knot DNS and Knot Resolver. He graduated in psychology and sociology from the Masaryk University in Brno. In his role of Technical Fellow he works for the good of the Internet as a member of other international organizations. In ICANN, he is a one of the seven Recovery Key Share Holders, and a member of The Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel (RSTEP) and Root Server System Advisory Commitee (RSSAC). In RIPE NCC, he is one of the RIPE Arbiters. He also (co-)authored DNS related I-Ds and RFCs at IETF and he is recently working on bringing modern elliptic curve crypto into DNSSEC. He an free software[*] enthusiast and evangelist.

My statement of interest

I am a regular member of RIPE meetings and I am interested in keeping up the high quality of the material presented in the RIPE meetings. I am able to dedicate a necessary time to work on PC, and I think I can be a valuable contribution to the panel (also Jelte has pushed me to send this email, so I can blame him :)). I can also overcome my hate for conference calls and attend them regularly. I am also able to distinguish my roles in CZ.NIC and RIPE and work towards a benefit of RIPE community.

* – not just “open source” as in “hey, we dump the source to github and they will come” type, but the free software as in “free speach”