Open Source Working Group

Thursday, 26 May 11:00 - 12:30

A. Administrative Matters [5-10 mins]
  • Welcome
  • Finalise agenda
  • Approval of minutes from previous meeting(s)
  • Review of action list
B. High-Speed Network Traffic Monitoring and Troubleshooting Using ntopng [20 mins]
Luca Deri, Simone Mainardi

This talk highlights the design and implementation of ntopng, an open-source web-based traffic monitoring application able to characterise protocols and user traffic behavior and identify application traffic.ntopng can spot network bottlenecks, monitor network QoS/QoE, trigger alerts based on thresholds, and assist in network troubleshooting. Leveraging on PF_RING, ntop’s high-speed packet processing framework, ntopng can monitor high-speed networks (up to 100 Gbit when used with a flow-based probe) as well be used as a NetFlow/IPFIX/sFlow collector for flows generated by network routers. ntopng is released under GPLv3 license and its code is available at

C. Ideas and Challenges on Testing a Routing Protocol - Experiences Testing Quagga [20 mins]
Martin Winter

Overview on tools and methologies for testing a routing protocol and the challenges. The talk gives an overview of the work OpenSourceRouting does on Quagga, tools used and the experience of it. The talk is about challenges in building and testing across multiple (UNIX-based) operating systems, experience in static analysis, testing for compliance and scale and automating it all.

D. Honeypot as a Service [20 mins]
Bedrich Kosata

Honeypots represent a powerful tool for detecting malicious hosts on the Internet. One of their weaknesses is in their small number and in the fact that with time their addresses become known. To mitigate this disadvantage, we developed a concept of hosted honeypots we call Honeypot as a Service (HaaS) in which normal Internet users may easily participate. By providing such an open tool, the number of running honeypots may be increased significantly. In this presentation, I will present the open source tools we use to run this system and our current experience with its deployment on 2000 devices from project Turris.

E. Open Source Lightning Talks [20 mins]

These are short updates on different relevant open-source projects. They should be 5 mins (preferably) with a maximum of 10 mins (if space allows). Talks are selected on Tuesday during the week of the RIPE Meeting. Please email any submissions to the WG chairs at opensource-wg-chairs [at] ripe [dot] net by 12:00 (local time in Copenhagen) Tuesday, May 24.

  • E1. ARPA2 Project [10 mins]
    Sara Dickinson
  • E2. Changing the Open Source License on BIND [10 mins]
    Jeff Osborn