14:03 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> Hello. Welcome to Tuesday Plenary 14:00 - 15:30. My name is Marco Schmidt from the RIPE NCC. I will be monitoring chat during this session. If you have a question or comment, I can read it out for you. Please make your questions as clear as possible. I will read out any questions when the speaker asks for questions at the end of his/her presentation. Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on ht[CUT]
14:03 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> Athina Fragkouli and Nurani Nimpuno have begun the presentation "IANA Stewardship Update".
14:04 < rhe-786> Optimistic.
14:05 < leslie> does anyone know Andres Arcia-Moret and could ask them to please upload their slides to ?
14:06 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> Unfortunately I don't know Andres
14:20 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> Athina Fragkouli and Nurani Nimpuno have asked for questions.
14:24 < rhe-786> Hmm, I was wondering whether it would be naieve (or pointless) to ask whether Nurani and Athina have any feeling about what the USG spending freeze might mean, but I think Milton might touch on that...
14:26 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> Okay, please let me know if I still shall read out your question. I would need your name and affiliation for that.
14:26 < rhe-786> Heh, I can do it myself, thanks, Marco. πŸ™‚
14:27 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> okay...even better πŸ™‚
14:31 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> Well asked Rob πŸ™‚
14:31 < rhe-786> Ha. πŸ™‚
14:33 < alisonw> "Show your grandchildren in a hundred years' time" - #confidence πŸ˜›
14:33 < boggits> champange not going to last that long...
14:34 < bittin> πŸ˜›
14:34 < alisonw> where's her champers though?
14:36 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> Randy Bush has begun the presentation "A Happy Story of Inter-RIR Transfer of Legacy Blocks from ARIN to RIPE".
14:38 < alisonw> Love the final line on that slide!
14:39 < Rob> I love how Randy always uses Comic Sans in his presentations
14:40 < alisonw> a worrying trend ... :O
14:47 < alisonw> FRI, The 18-minute gap is referred to in the song "Alice's Restaurant"
14:47 < alisonw> or FYI, even
14:52 < alisonw> Is the camera able to be panned upwards to see the screen as well as speaker?
14:52 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> Randy Bush has asked for questions.
14:53 < boggits> can we have the real randy back now?
14:53 < mihnea_RIPENCC> alisonw: We switch between different angles during the presentation, however if the speaker moves a lot on the stage it is not always possible to have both in view…
14:54 < alisonw> mihnea_RIPENCC: Thing is, the camera gets the front row of desks and people on the floor of the room but misses the upper half of the screen.
14:54 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> @boggits You want me to read out your question?
14:54 * boggits adds a πŸ™‚ to the end of the statement
14:54 < alisonw> I suspect the front row of the audience holds little interest for most people watching, while the screen probably does πŸ˜›
14:55 < leslie> that’s only because i’m not sitting in the front row πŸ˜‰
14:55 < alisonw> Yes, leslie, absolutely! πŸ˜›
14:55 < mihnea_RIPENCC> alisonw: sometimes the Chair of the session is located there, speaking towards the audience. But we hear your point and will try to adjust the camera angle for the following sessions.
14:56 < alisonw> Thanks. I understand the problem only too well, but thought I should mention it.
14:59 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
15:00 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> Philippe Duke has begun the presentation " Effect of Nationwide Censorship on Transit Traffic".
15:08 < Kron_> guess the next his report will be about Great Firewall of China and transit traffic via Chaina
15:17 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> Philippe Duke has asked for questions.
15:18 < MartyStrong> Question: More than once I have received emails from ISPs in the region complaining of being unable to reach our network, the solution was to peer with them directly. Do you think this is a motivation for local ISPs to extend their networks to main peering hubs, and peer with content providers in order to get around the blocking? (Marty, CloudFlare)
15:18 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> Hello Marty, I will read out your question
15:19 < MartyStrong> Thanks!
15:26 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
15:27 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> This session has now ended.