11:09 < GPF> ww: Sadly even when the apwg communicates the reasoning I don't think it will change anything about the current problem.
11:12 < Antony_RIPENCC> The discussion on Market Concentration in the Transfer of IPv4 Space has started
11:26 < Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1> Market Concentration in the Transfer of IPv4 Space presentation has ended
11:27 < Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1> speaker has asked for comments and questions
11:39 < ww> GPF: in my area it would.
11:39 < ww> i have *tried* to get the scottish government to mandate ipv6 as a condition of funding small providers.
11:40 < ww> so far (after about three years of repeating myself) i have failed at it
11:40 < ww> having a clear articulation of the intention of the policy would help quite a bit
11:44 < Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1> @ww if you would like me to read your comment at the mic, can you give me your name for the record?
11:46 < ww> Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1: it's relevant for the previous discussion, not this one, so no need, i'll write to the mailing list
11:46 < Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1> ok
11:46 < ww> but it's william waites from hubs
11:46 < Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1> Thank you
11:47 < Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1> The "Market Concentration in the Transfer of IPv4 Space" has ended.
11:48 < Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1> Andrea Cima has begun the presentation Feedback From RIPE NCC Registration Services
11:59 < Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1> Andrea Cima has asked for questions.
12:26 < ww> "The conditions on a recipient outside of the ARIN region will be defined by the policies of the receiving RIR"
12:26 < ww> from what i can tell, arin does *not* require needs-based policies on the receiving RIR
12:31 < ww> Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1: thanks
12:31 < Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1> @ww sure
12:32 < Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1> The presentation has ended.
12:34 < Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1> Maximilian Wilhem has started his presentation : Define what an IPv6 PI sub-assignments
12:42 < GPF> Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1: Comment: Sebastian Wiesinger, speaking for himself: The definition matches what an LIR does. Perhaps there needs to be some sort of "non-profit" LIR which would be something for the GM I think.
12:42 < GPF> Altough I'm aware that this would open a can of problems.
12:44 < GPF> Oh I forgot: The "non-profit LIR" would of coure have to pay a lot less fees to make this work.
12:47 < GPF> Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1: appreciated
12:47 < ww> GPF++
12:48 < Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1> The presentation has ended.
12:48 < Hisham[RIPE_NCC]1> This session has now ended.