11:02 < Chris_RIPENCC> hi folks, I'll be your friendly neighbourhood chat monitor for this Open Source WG session
11:02 < Chris_RIPENCC> Any questions or comments you'd like read out on the mic, just send them through with your name and affiliation
11:04 < bengan> while the FLOSS is iluminating it might not be "lighting" 😉
11:04 < bengan> "E. Open Source Lighting Talks"
11:05 < Chris_RIPENCC> unless it's about hacking those Hue light systems...
11:06 < Chris_RIPENCC> first up is Luca Deri and Simone Mainardi with High-Speed Network Traffic Monitoring and Troubleshooting Using ntopng
11:07 < Chris_RIPENCC> (it's just Luca presenting today)
11:11 < mihnea_RIPENCC> bengan: Thank you for letting us know, the typo has been fixed:
11:22 < Chris_RIPENCC> are there any questions for Luca?
11:26 < Chris_RIPENCC> next up is Martin Winter with Ideas and Challenges on Testing a Routing Protocol - Experiences Testing Quagga
11:45 < Chris_RIPENCC> any questions for Martin?
11:50 < Chris_RIPENCC> Next up: Honeypot as a Service, from Bedrich Kosata
12:09 < Chris_RIPENCC> any question for Bedrich?
12:14 < Chris_RIPENCC> Time for lightning talks!
12:14 < Chris_RIPENCC> First up, Sara Dickinson, talking about ARPA2 Project
12:18 < AntonioPrado> tried to subscribe arpa2 mailing list but hit a bug
12:21 < Chris_RIPENCC> would you like me to raise that on the mic, Antonio, or will you contact Sara directly (her email was on her opening slide)
12:21 < Chris_RIPENCC> ?
12:23 < Chris_RIPENCC> any other questions for Sara?
12:24 < jelte> interesting content at
12:24 < Chris_RIPENCC> now it's Jeff Osborne and Changing the Open Source License on BIND
12:24 < Chris_RIPENCC> (sorry, Osborn)
12:34 < Chris_RIPENCC> and that's it folks - it's been emotional!