14:03 < becha72> Hello. I am Vesna, I will be your chat monitor for DB-WG today. Job Snijders started the meeting.
14:04 < becha72> If you are following this WG from afar, and want me to ask a question on the mike on your behalf, please state your name & affiliation, and state a question.
14:05 < becha72> Next speaker: Nigel Titley, agenda point roundup.
14:11 < becha72> Next up: B. RIPE Database Development Process: Numbered Work Items [~5 min]
14:11 < becha72> Job Snijders
14:18 < wsylvest> William Sylvester, Addrex. Job, I fully support the work you have proposed here. I think this is a great initiative for the Database working group. Thank you for putting this together.
14:22 < becha72> Sorry, I missed your comment, and char did not let me say it on the mike.
14:23 < wsylvest> That's ok
14:23 < becha72> wsylvest: Do you still want me to say it later on?
14:23 < wsylvest> No that's fine
14:23 < becha72> wsylvest: ok, thanks.
14:24 < becha72> Current presentation: C. Follow-up From GAC Public Safety Working Group in ICANN [~10 min]
14:24 < becha72> Hans Petter Holen
14:25 < becha72> Please let me know if you have questions for the speaker.
14:26 < becha72> Speaker has asked for questions.
14:34 < becha72> Next up: RIPE Database Operational Update
14:34 < becha72> Tim Bruijnzeels, RIPE NCC
14:42 < becha72> Any questions?
14:44 < Miguel_AS31004> Hi becha72
14:45 < Miguel_AS31004> Question: Will there be a process to unlock person and roles objects?
14:45 < becha72> Hi Miguel_AS31004, would you like me to ask a question on the mike?
14:45 < becha72> Sure, see it, I will queue up now.
14:46 < Miguel_AS31004> Question: If an unlock is not possible, could i atleast initalice a inmidiat deletion. if I am able to provide the nessesery proof of my ownership?
14:47 < Miguel_AS31004> thanks
14:48 < becha72> Next: E. AFRINIC IRR Homing Project Update [~5 min]
14:48 < becha72> Tim Bruijnzeels, RIPE NCC
14:49 < AlexBand> Miguel_AS31004 do you understand the reasoning behind not being able to unlock a person object?
14:50 < becha72> Question for Tim?
14:50 < Miguel_AS31004> AlexBand: well yes, but it makes a rapid clean up more problematic
14:50 < becha72> Next up: Recent Work on the UI Improvements + Phasing Out the LIR Portal Object Editors [~20 min]
14:50 < becha72> Alex Band, RIPE NCC
14:51 < Miguel_AS31004> AlexBand: let us talk on Q
15:06 < becha72> Any questions or comments?
15:11 < becha72> Next up: Follow-up From AA-WG: 2016-01 [~5 min]
15:11 < becha72> Piotr Strzy┼╝ewski
15:13 < becha72> Questions?
15:13 < becha72> Next: NWI-1: Staying On Top of Abuse Contact Changes [~5 min]
15:13 < becha72> Piotr Strzy┼╝ewski
15:18 < becha72> Any questions?
15:20 < becha72> Next up: ROUTE Objects for Non-RIPE Resources [~15 min]
15:20 < becha72> Job Snijders
15:23 < becha72> Comments? Feedback? Questions?
15:25 < becha72> AOB?
15:27 < becha72> The session has ended, thank you for participation & see you next time!